“I can’t say enough about all 3 of the doctors I have seen-Drs. Pater, FitzGibbons & Koldenhoven.  They are fantastic!  We are lucky to have such a great orthopedic practice here in Longmont.”  


Marian Stumpf sat on a wall

Marian Stumpf had many great falls

But all the fantastic FROC doctors and all the amazing FROC staff

Successfully put Marian together again! 


Marian Stumpf is no stranger to the orthopedic clinic and even compares herself to Humpty Dumpty.  In her active 79 years she has had multiple broken bones, arthroscopic surgeries and joint replacements!  Besides having a doctorate in nursing and working until this year, Marian is a wife, mother of 3 and grandma to 2 grandchildren.  She enjoys traveling to the Pacific Northwest, the Baja peninsula and wants to go on a river cruise.  “I enjoy walking, hiking and biking.”  Marian and her husband are also gourmet cooks and enjoy entertaining.

“Several years ago, I was walking the dog and he pulled really hard on the leash.  I knew I was injured, but waited a couple years to come in.”  Marian had severely injured her shoulder and needed a total shoulder replacement.  Dr. Pater completed her procedure. “When I came in for a check- up I had great range of motion.  It was an amazing recovery.   I did everything Dr. Pater said to do – I slept in a recliner and I was proactive with the opposite arm before surgery.”  Although Marian’s shoulder was feeling great, her knee from several previous surgeries long ago was starting to become painful.

“My right knee was more and more painful, so I started seeing Dr. FitzGibbons. I several series of Hyularonic Acid injections over many years and they were very helpful.  Eventually they were ineffective and I knew I needed a joint replacement in that knee too.”    Marian wants to be active, so she scheduled surgery.  She was in the hospital overnight.  She went to physical therapy and worked hard on range of motion.  Marian was doing so well after 7 weeks that she decided to go on vacation with her family to a house on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest.

While enjoying the first couple days of vacation, Marian unfortunately slipped on the steps and twisted her ankle.  She went to urgent care in Washington where she was told she had a sprain.  Marian walked on her injured leg for the rest of vacation with only an ace bandage.   Marian was in so much pain that it was really hard to enjoy the vacation.  “As soon as I got home, I came to the walk-in clinic, got an x-ray and found out I had a fracture.  I’d fractured the fibula, but walked on it for a week!”   Marian came to see Dr. Koldenhoven that next Monday.  “I knew Dr. Koldenhoven from a previous mid-foot collapse – a small stress fracture – that he did a fantastic job diagnosing and treating.” For her fibula fracture, Marian would need to wear boot for about 8 weeks, an ankle brace for 4 weeks and go to physical therapy.  “I can’t say enough about all 3 of the doctors I have seen.  They are fantastic!  We tell everyone, because when you find a good MD you want to share them with the people you care about.  We are lucky to have such a great orthopedic practice here in Longmont.”

Marian is feeling good now.  She is looking forward to an active, pain free summer and finally booking that river cruise!  *Photo courtesy of Rebecca Stumpf