“When I told my friends that I was having a total hip replacement and coming home that same day they all said WHHHAAATTT!!!!  Unbelievable! My experience was fantastic and Dr. Cooney is great!”

Sheryl Johnson is a dedicated wife –just celebrated her 42nd wedding anniversary – and mother to 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  She enjoys walking, biking, reading, volunteering with her church and traveling, especially cruises to the Caribbean.   Like most mothers, Sheryl has focused her time and energy around caring for her family.  She spent years working in physically demanding catering positions.   “I did whatever the family needed”.  When her hip began to hurt several years ago, Sheryl started exploring her options, but once again put her family in front of herself.  “With 3 kids in college and school loans, we didn’t have insurance and I just couldn’t afford treatment at the time.”

As the years passed, the pain increased.  “The pain became so intense I wasn’t even able to walk around the block.  I was working at the Governor’s Mansion at the time, but the physical work of catering became too painful and I had to quit.”  Sheryl knew she had to do something.   She went to physical therapy, but found no relief.  During this time, Sheryl searched high and low for affordable health insurance.  She was excited when she found insurance and was able to get scheduled for an MRI.  The MRI showed bone cysts and advanced osteoarthritis.   “My primary care doctor told me he knew a great orthopedic surgeon and he recommended Dr. Cooney.  I am so glad he did.”

Sheryl had a total hip replacement as an outpatient in the Front Range Orthopedics Surgery Center.  “My experience was fantastic!  From the patient education, to scheduling appointments, to connecting with Physical Therapy, and the all clinicians that cared for me- everyone played their part and were efficient and kind.”   Sheryl was excited to have her total hip procedures as an outpatient to avoid the cost and hassle of a hospital stay.   “When I told my friends that I was having a total hip replacement and coming home that day they all said WHHHAAATTT!!!!  Unbelievable! “

The first couple days were a little rough, but Sheryl’s husband was a fabulous caregiver. “Dr. Cooney was great!  He told me exactly what would happen and what to expect.  He answered all of my questions.  I followed the instructions to a T and things went very smoothly.”  Sheryl used a walker for about a week and then progressed to a cane.  She used the cane for about a week too, but mostly for stability when she walked outside.  Sheryl was off pain medication 5-7 days post-surgery and just taking Tylenol or advil.

The “It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about being able to walk pain free!  I’ve got my fitbit going again.  Just 2 months after surgery, I am walking twice a day for about 3 miles daily! “