Athletic Training

Trail Running Shoes: How To Choose

Trail running shoes are designed to provide your feet with the protection they need when you take your jogging regimen into the wild. While they’ve evolved in recent years to offer fine-tuned trail-running experience, they’re closely related to the same sneakers you put on when you go for a jog…

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How to Prevent Marathon Training Injuries

Colorado is a state filled with 5K and marathon events in the spring and summer. Even some of the most popular marathons in the nation take place in our beautiful state. If you’re planning on running your first marathon or are a seasoned expert, here are some tips to prevent…

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March is Athletic Training Month

National Athletic Training Month is held each March to spread awareness about the positive impact that athletic trainers have in the community. If you participated in any high school sports or have children that do, you have likely come into contact with an athletic trainer. This month is set aside…

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