Tennis Related Shoulder Injuries

Is your killer serve killing you? Does your backhand make you wince? Now that it’s been warm for a few months, tennis related shoulder injuries are becoming a more frequent complaint from our patients. That serve that you worked so hard to perfect is likely the source of your shoulder…

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Patient of the Week

Definition of the human spirit of perseverance: Carolyn LambertCarolyn LambertSurgeon: Dr. William CooneyPhysical Therapist: Erin BlessingReason for orthopedic care: double shoulder repairCarolyn Lambert is more than what meets the eye.   Yes, she came to us to have both her shoulders repaired; however, her story of inspiration…

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery – FAQ with Dr. Timothy Pater

Dr. Timothy Pater is a Shoulder Replacement surgeon in Longmont and Lafayette, Colorado. Dr. Pater performs aprox. 40 shoulder replacements a year. What is the major cause of shoulder pain?  Arthritis.  Arthritis is the result of the cartilage in a joint being worn out over time. …

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