Dr. Robert FitzGibbons Testimonials

Diana Vick Miller

Even after an injury to her knee, Diana is back on her beautiful horse, Nikko of Noble. Dr. FitzGibbons was not only Diana’s surgeon but Dr. and Mrs. FitzGibbons were also the Best Man and Matron of Honor in Diana’s wedding. Hear Diana’s testimonial here.


Stacey Carl

“Sixteen years after my ACL reconstructions and ankle ligament reconstruction (among other things), 4,800+ skydives, hundreds of ice hockey games, thousands of miles of mountain biking and hiking, countless hours of jet ski, wake board and water ski time, and countless snowboard runs … still going strong and as good as before the surgeries. I will forever owe the continuance of my active life to you, Dr. FitzGibbons. Here’s to the next 16 years!” -Stacey Carl



Video and photos courtesy of Stacey Carl.


Richard Juday

Surgeons: Dr. Robert FitzGibbonsDr. Gregg Koldenhoven and Dr. Timothy Pater
Reason for orthopedic care: left knee replacement, cortisone injections to right knee, trigger finger release

Front Range Orthopedics & Spine patient, Dr. Richard Juday (pictured in green), awarded Dr. FitzGibbons (left) and Dr. Koldenhoven (right) with his medals he recently won at the 2014 Badminton State Games.

Dr. FitzGibbons Review Dr. Koldenhoven ReviewDr. FitzGibbons Review Dr. Koldenhoven Review

“You’ve heard of ‘re-gifting’ an item at Christmas?  Well, I am expressing my gratitude most recently by ‘re-awarding’ my medals from the July 2014 State Games,” Dr. Juday explained. “The doctors at Front Range have allowed me to maintain a happy and active lifestyle.”

Dr. Juday has been playing competitive badminton, on a national level, since 1960.  “A lifetime sport is good for you but it takes a toll on the body; nonetheless, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a lifetime sport,” Dr. Juday said. Moreover, Front Range Orthopedics & Spine surgeons have contributed to Dr. Juday’s ability to continue to play badminton, hike Colorado’s mountains, mow the lawn and generally keep up with his wife.

Recently Dr. Juday and his wife went on a backpacking trip, which was 12-miles round trip, required 40 pound packs and had 2,700 feet in elevation gain.  His left knee (with the replacement) handled the trek like a champ. “I don’t even think about that knee.  It’s strong, stable and pain free,” Dr. Juday commented.  Nonetheless, Dr. Juday is now having issues with his right knee.  Currently, Dr. Koldenhoven is helping manage his right knee with cortisone injections.  There may be a right knee replacement in the future, but Dr. Juday doesn’t seem concerned.

Dr. Juday has lived, and continues to live, life to the fullest.    His confidence in the doctors and staff at Front Range Orthopedics & Spine are proving to meet and exceed his expectations as a patient.  To date he is a patient of Dr. FitzGibbons, Dr. Koldenhoven and Dr. Pater (Dr. Pater has performed a trigger finger release for Dr. Juday).


Francesca Repetto

knee replacement

Surgeon: Dr. Robert FitzGibbons
Reason for orthopedic care: rotator cuff repairs and double knee replacement

Francesca’s first experience with Front Range Orthopedics & Spine was in 1998 when she started developing pain in her left arm.  When her weakness started causing her to drop things she decided to make an appointment with Dr. FitzGibbons.   The discovery: a major tear in the rotator cuff.  “The tear was due to many years of wear and tear: carrying kids and carrying too many groceries.”  Dr. FitzGibbons repaired Francesca’s tear with the results being “perfectly successful.”

In 2002 Francesca’s fate led her back to Front Range after she slipped on ice and tore both rotator cuffs.  “It was a freak accident… Dr. FitzGibbons repaired both shoulders, five months apart.”

Francesca went on her way for several years, but when the pain in her knees became unbearable she scheduled another appointment with Dr. FitzGibbons to discuss knee replacements, “The decision to have a knee replacement didn’t scare me at all.  Pain is exhausting.  It takes it out of you … I did what I had to do.”

Francesca had her first knee replacement in 2011, “I was on my feet the same day as surgery.  At six months I was still developing strength but it gave me back my life.”

In 2012, Francesca had her other knee replaced, “I can walk normal. I can get in and out of the car.  The pain is gone.  I have stiffness, but no pain.  Nothing like what I was living with before.”

“I have more energy overall now that my shoulders and knees are fixed.  I’m not dealing with pain anymore.  I have a lot more things on my ‘to-do list’.  I volunteer at the hospital and I make blankets for the Hope Cancer Center.”   To add to Francesca’s post-operative successes, “Because I had my shoulders repaired I was able to handle the fabric to make my granddaughter’s wedding gown.” 


Kristin (Kristy) Lee

torn ACL Surgeon: Dr. Robert FitzGibbons
Reason for orthopedic care: torn ACL

From the moment Kristy enters a room you can feel a surge of energy: her enthusiasm is contagious and her determination is something to be admired.  Nonetheless, Kristy’s character was tested when her athletic career came to a screeching halt.

In 2012, Kristy was playing on the varsity soccer team (as a freshman) and within the first 10 minutes of the game she fell to the ground in excruciating pain. “I heard that signature pop,” she explained. “I felt like my life came to an end … I went down and I knew.”

Kristy chose Dr. FitzGibbons to be her surgeon, “everyone knows if it deals with your knees, you have to go to Dr. FitzGibbons,” she said. “When he told me it was my ACL, I was in tears.”

The preparation for surgery proved to be scarier than the surgery itself, “I was really scared [for surgery], but afterwards it was like I was out for only three minutes,” she said.

Kristy recalls the day after surgery as the worst day of the whole experience, “I felt like I was paralyzed. I felt awful,” she explained. “Dr. FitzGibbons called my house that night to make sure I was doing okay. He told me to lift my leg, but I didn’t want to move. Then he told me that if I didn’t lift my leg he would come over,” she laughed. “I lifted my leg.”

The reason Dr. FitzGibbons wanted her to lift her leg was so she could engage her quad muscle, “After surgery your body tells you that if you lift your leg it is going to hurt, but our goal is to re-engage the quad muscle and avoid as much atrophy as possible,” Dr. FitzGibbons said.

Kristy really liked working with Dr. FitzGibbons. “He motivates you,” she said.

During Kristy’s recovery, she held on to the idea that she could be stronger and faster than before. She knew that if she kept her mind strong then her body would follow.

Today Kristy is back on the soccer field. In her first game back the team won 5-0.

“Kristy is a great a young woman. With her determined attitude, I anticipate a full recovery,” Dr. FitzGibbons said.


Jennifer Kearns 

ACL reconstructionSurgeon: Dr. Robert FitzGibbons
Physical Therapist: Lonnie Gilmore
Reason for orthopedic Care: ACL reconstruction & cartilage transplant

“The six weeks of physical therapy with Lonnie were crucial. I’m a go-getter when it comes to PT. I set my own personal goals. I had surgery on December 27 and my goal was to be back on my bike by the following May … and I was.”





More Testimonials:

“This was a hike I took a couple of weeks ago from Hessie Trail (Eldora-Nederland) to Jasper Lake. About an 1800’ gain in elevation —  The ole knee is holding up really fine since my 2001 ACL reconstruction! It’s the rest of me at 60 that was hurting that day!” -Dan

“My shoulder repair by Dr. FitzGibbons feels fantastic, and has full range of motion, no sign that anything was ever injured or that it was ever touched. I think it is due to Dr. FitzGibbons extensive experience with shoulders (in particular) and his skill.” 




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