Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Total Joint Replacement at Front Range Orthopedics Surgery Center

Recover at Home – Patients are walking several hours after surgery and will complete a physical therapy session prior to returning home. Typically, patients are discharged 3-4 hours after surgery to recover in the comfort of their own homes.

Reduced Costs – Total joint surgery is more affordable in an ASC. A study by  Becker’s ASC Review (May/June vol. 2019 no. 2) suggests over a 40% reduction in cost when compared to a hospital. Reduced costs helps patients focus on their recovery, rather than the expense of surgery.

Highly Trained & Dedicated Team – Our MDs, PAs, RNs & PTs are specially trained in treating orthopedic patients and they commonly help patients undergoing total joint procedures. Our providers know what you need, when you need it, and offer expert care and advice to help you recover and rehabilitate as quickly as possible.

Procedure Specialization – Like a well-oiled machine, we have the same staff working together and doing the same procedures every day. This results in more efficient surgeries, which is better for our patients. Less time under anesthesia may lead to fewer complications, such as DVTs and infection, after the surgery.

Less Risk of Infection – As opposed to hospitals, we do NOT have patients with dangerous infections, such as Staph or MRSA, in our ASC.

Confidence through Knowledge – Front Range Orthopedics & Spine offers a Total Joint Replacement class twice a month. The class is led by an orthopedic RN and a Physical Therapist; both the patient and their caregiver attend the class. In addition, online videos and a comprehensive guide book can help provide answers to your questions, in an instant, 24 hours a day.

Download the Hip & Knee Total Joint Replacement Surgery Guide Book here


To watch the videos click the hyperlinks below:

Knee Replacement Patient Education Video 

Hip Replacement Patient Education Video