Hip Pain & Injuries

The doctors at Front Range Orthopedics & Spine are highly experienced at diagnosing and treating the full range of orthopedic hip pain and conditions for patients living in Northern Colorado and Metro Denver.

When you experience hip pain, either from a hip injury or hip arthritis, you need the attention of our board-certified doctors who understand the multitude of conditions that may arise. Our orthopedic doctors will diagnose your hip condition and prescribe an effective treatment to help you become pain-free and resume your daily activities.

What Are Common Hip Diagnoses?

Hip pain can severely limit your mobility and movement. And at Front Range Orthopedics & Spine, our goal is to help you become pain free and resume your life as it was before the pain began.

Common Hip Diagnosis We Treat:

  • Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of the hip
  • Femoral Neck Fractures
  • Greater Trochanteric Bursitis
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Inter-trochanteric Hip Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis

Why Choose Our Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons?

Our orthopedic surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained. We have more than 150 years of collective experience and we are proud to serve communities throughout Northern Colorado, Metro Denver and Longmont area, including Lafayette and Frederick. You will have peace of mind knowing our team is providing the best care for you.

Call Our Office for Your Appointment

Whether you have been injured or you have a condition such as arthritis that is affecting your mobility, Front Range Orthopedics & Spine can provide the care and treatment you need. For additional information about our services, or to arrange an appointment with a board-certified orthopedic surgeon from our office, call us at 303-772-1600.

Our Hip Doctors

Doctor SpecialtyLocations
Dr. William CooneyHip Joint ReplacementLongmont
Dr. Curtis LeonardHip Joint ReplacementLongmont
Dr. Nirav ShahHip Arthroscopy
Hip Joint Replacement
Dr. Peter WoodHip Joint ReplacementLongmont

  • Brandon Dvorak

    Brandon Dvorak

    Surgeon: Dr. Nirav R. Shah

    Reason for orthopedic care: Hip Pain & Injuries

    “If you think you are hurt, go to the doctor and have it checked out. If I had waited , I would have required a much more intense surgery. Going when I did probably saved my golf career!”   FORE!!! You will hear 24-year old golf professional Brandon Dvorak yelling this as often as possible. […]

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  • Rose and Jeannemarie Buck

    Rose and Jeannemarie Buck

    Surgeon: Dr. Peter D. Wood

    Reason for orthopedic care: Hip Pain & Injuries

    Rose Buck is nothing short of a spit fire. Her presence is dynamic and when she walks into a room she is not only noticed she is heard. “If you were in the room, you knew I was there,” she laughed.  “I could not creep up on anyone.” Rose wasn’t describing her outgoing personality and […]

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  • John McCutchon

    John McCutchon

    Surgeon: Dr. William P. Cooney

    Reason for orthopedic care: Hip Pain & Injuries

    Lieut. Col. John McCutchon served as an Officer in the Army Airborne Infantry for 24 years.  “When I was in the army I injured my back, but I didn’t realize it,” John said.   “Due to the physical training the muscles did a lot to alleviate a lot of skeletal pain.”   When John retired in 2009 […]

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