Scam Alert

Be Aware of Scam Phone Calls

Patients have told us they have received phone calls from individuals claiming to work for our office.

The caller typically asks the patient if they are still having foot, neck, or hip pain. They may try and sell a supplement or brace product.

The problem(s) the caller states often does not match the actual orthopedic issue the patient has had.­

Please be aware that these calls are scams.

The caller does not work for Front Range Orthopedics & Spine. Caller ID shows that the numbers are out-of-state and the United States cell phone numbers. This is one of the numbers they call from +1 (970) 218-9248.

Our staff does not make these types of calls to our patients, and we have not had a breach of our patient database.

We believe that these scammers simply dial for dollars, attempting to cite the name of a local orthopedic office – often saying our office name incorrectly — and asking about an orthopedic-related issue.­

Fortunately, patients who have told us about these scam calls have hung up on the callers and not provided any personal information.­ We strongly encourage you to do the same.

You may contact us to report a scam call you have received – 303-772-1600
Or please consider filing a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission through its website at the
FTC Complaint Assistant website